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The ALTERNATIV® brand name is about ensuring that we play a big part in the circular economy by ensuring that we reduce the amount of waste in the landfills. This we do by using recycled fabric that is manufactured using PET bottles. We also Reuse our fabric by using it as stuffing, cleaning rags, and providing it to schools for creative projects. 

Girls Carrying a Recycling Bin

Recycled Material

RPET fabric, also called PET bottle fabric, is a new type of ‘green’ eco-friendly fabric made using the yarn of recycled plastic bottles. Using 100% recycled materials in an eco-friendly closed-loop process.

Our role as a company os to ensure that we offer our customers an ALTERNATIV® solution in playing a part in building sustainable economies.

Virgin Polyester generates over 2x the carbon emissions than Recycled Polyester. Recycled Polyester reduces carbon emissions by 52% for fibers. That is why as a business we use recycled polyester for some of our products. 


KHANYILE SOLUTIONS re-uses fabric by donating it to companies that do upholstery as well as old age homes and schools that use it to make quilts, stuffing for dolls, etc. Some of the fabric is cut into pieces to be used as clearing rags.

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