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The ALTERNATIV brand is all about personalized solutions that reveal the soul of client. This is one area that drives the company; to deliver personalized services that will suit the customer needs.

Inspired by the importance of branding, the owners of the business,  started by providing embroidery services to their already existing customers of protective industrial work wear. The company distributed PPE for their customers and provided branding to give life to the customers’ brands.
It is in the distribution of protective work wear that we realised that women are expected to fit into garments designed for a male body type.

This is where the idea for ALTERNATIV workwear was born – with unique design features tailored to fit women, as well as the different colour combinations for women working in the industrial sector.​


ALTERNATIV wear is all about playing a big part n the circular economy by using recycled fabric (from PET) to manufacture day-to-day wear.

We not only manufacture and supply to women, but we have a variety of work wear also for men. 


The ALTERNATIV brand is a brand that gives personalised, fit for purpose work wear. Let's walk this journey together!

ALTERNATIV - we dress the worker

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